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Alera Lighting (Hubbell)

Architectural linear fluorescent & LED products, with high quality extruded aluminum or steel housings, within the Hubbell Lighting platform. This brand features linear suspended, recessed, surface, and wall mounted products for commercial use.

Alphabet Lighting

ALPHABET Lighting is a brand of parent LEDRAbrands offering commercial, specification grade light fixtures and solutions.

Architectural Area Lighting (Hubbell)

Contemporary and Traditional Architectural Outdoor Luminaires.  Specializing in offering complete fixture families in multiple scales that are upgradeable as technology advances.


Beacon Products (Hubbell)

Complete outdoor lighting solutions from traditional to high efficiency LED light sources including retrofit applications.

Birchwood Lighting (Leviton Lighting)

Modern architectural LED and fluorescent luminaires, cove lighting, display-case lighting, and specification-grade strip fixtures. Made in the U.S.A.

Bruck Lighting USA

Bruck Lighting is an internationally recognized leader in the development of innovative lighting systems.

Chameleon Lighting

High Performance, Customizable Decorative LED Lighting

Columbia Lighting (Hubbell)

Columbia Lighting is one of North America's premier manufacturers of specification, commercial, institutional and industrial fluorescent & LED lighting products.

Dual-Lite (Hubbell)

Dual-Lite sets the standard for excellence with the broadest selection of specification grade commercial and industrial life safety products.


Interior and Exterior LED - Linear Cove, Wallwashers and Wall Grazers, and Compact Architectural Floodlights.


Edison Price

Downlights, wallwashers and accent lights for LED, compact fluorescent, incandescent and HID; Spredlite® grazing wallwashers; and SightLine® museum-grade track.


Fabbian manufacturers Italian designed architectural and residential lighting that merges technology and design.


Architectural linear fluorescent and LED lighting systems for office, school, and healthcare facilities. 10-day shipping.

HE Williams

A complete line of fixtures enabled with Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology which allows a complete lighting system to be powered, and controlled, with low voltage class II category wiring. Accessories such as wall switches, occupancy sensors, and daylight sensors are available to make for a complete system. Using standardized protocol, interfacing with other building systems and software is easy. Visit

Hubbell Lighting Control Solutions

A premier provider of a wide array of cutting-edge lighting controls including: Occupancy Sensors, High Bay Controls, Daylight Harvesting, Networked and Non-networked Relay Panels and Wireless Lighting Controls.

Hubbell Industrial Lighting

Industrial Lighting for Cleanroom, Food Processing, Environmental Conditions - LED, HID, Fluorescent, Incandescent Sources

Hubbell Outdoor Lighting

Commercial, industrial, site, and emergency lighting in all sources.

Infinity (HE Williams)

An HE Williams Company. Specification grade downlights. Made in the USA

Intense Lighting (Leviton Lighting)

LED Downlights, Recessed Multiples, Track Lights and Illuminated Handrail


Lighting for challenging environments including architectural and institutional high abuse, healthcare, correctional, sealed enclosure, food processing, transportation, task lighting, emergency and exit.


KIM Lighting (Hubbell)

Quality architectural outdoor luminaires for site, flood, parking, and landscapes



Aluminum extrusions and component systems for LED flexible tape for transformation into recessed, surface, wall and pendant mounted linear LED fixtures.

Kurt Versen (Hubbell)

Complete line of premium architectural downlights in round, square and rectangular configurations and variety of aperture sizes. Families accommodate incandescent, low voltage, compact fluorescent, remote phosphor LED and PAR LED sources.


LEDRA Brands

Bruck, Wila and Molto Luce

LSI Industries

LED Indoor and Outdoor Architectural and Commercial Lighting Solutions and Fluorescent, HID and Induction Sources. Made in the USA.

Pinnacle Architectural Lighting

 High performance linear fluorescent and LED fixtures and architectural systems for commercial, institutional and signage applications.

Prescolite (Hubbell)

Prescolite is a leading provider of recessed, track, and surface lighting solutions.

USAI Lighting

High performance LED, compact fluorescent and low-voltage halogen downlights, wallwashers and adjustable accent lights. Color select, warm glow dimming, color curve dimming are some of the available LED technologies.

Wila (Nordeon USA)

ALPHABET Lighting is a brand of parent LEDRAbrands offering commercial, specification grade light fixtures and solutions.